Born on December 17, 1973, in Kaunas. His childhood was spent in his hometown and in the district of Alytus (Kalesninkai), where he got his first business lesson – growing and selling tomatoes. At the age of 11, he went to Australia due to family circumstances. He lived in Melbourne – attended school there, and in order to support himself financially, he worked at various jobs: repairing sewing machines, washing cars, mowing grass.

in 1989 joined Australian Mortgage Brokers as Assistant Manager. Antanas excelled in activities requiring logical thinking and mathematical knowledge, so he studied accounting and finance in college and discovered one of his callings – finance and stock markets.

1993 – 1995 At the age of 20, he joined an investment bank managed by CitiBank in Hong Kong, where he was responsible for attracting new clients and managing their investment portfolio. In order to communicate with colleagues, he had to learn the Cantonese dialect. He accumulated initial capital by active and hard work, after returning to Australia he started investment activities, delving into technologies and information systems. Invested in real estate and internet projects in Lithuania.

Since 2001 settled in London and developed a trading business there.

Since 2003 Antanas Guoga is also known for his career as a poker player, which ended in 2014. at the beginning After successfully playing in tournaments in Austria, France, Russia, America and the United Kingdom, he gained recognition and became an international poker star known as Tony G. in 2011 at the awards ceremony in Paris, France, A. Guoga was recognized as the most prominent poker personality of 2010.

The first big poker wins led to active philanthropy. For example, in 2006, he donated about half a million dollars to the Melbourne (Australia) Cancer Foundation and the Melbourne Psychological Service. In 2007, he donated about 200 thousand. dollars for the 80th boarding school in Moscow (Russia). In Lithuania “Trouble Market” since 2007. donated more than 1.5 million litas. In the first year, A. Guoga was awarded a symbolic apple – “Dosniusius pirkilui”, a year later – an apple “Just to Antanas”, and in 2009, as the most generous sponsor of “Bėda turgaus”, a symbolic thank you – a living tree (Rojaus obelis) was awarded. Contributes to the activities of “Maisto bankas”. More than one million dollars of support was allocated to the country’s sports: basketball, rowing, volleyball.

in 2011 36 thousand in the readers’ poll – he was recognized as the World Lithuanian of the Year. The award was presented at the World Lithuanian Economic Forum in 2011. in July.

In 2011, he won another award in the “Business Beacon” election of the portal More than eight thousand visitors took part in them, and 44 candidates competed for the nomination.

2010-2012 Head of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team. Since 2011 Vice President of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation. Lithuanian Olympic attaché in 2012 at the London Olympics. Since 2014 Vice President of the Lithuanian Rowing Federation.

in 2012 March 18 initiator and patron of the “Red Nose Day” held for the first time in Lithuania.

2010-2012 – Head of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team, 2011 – 2015. served as vice president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, in 2012 – Lithuanian Olympic attaché at the London Summer Olympic Games. Since 2014 Vice President of the Lithuanian Rowing Federation.

in 2014 in the elections to the European Parliament, he was the second candidate on the list of the Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania and was elected a member of the European Parliament after collecting 97,907 votes. in 2016 In October, he left the European Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) group in the European Parliament and moved to the center-right European People’s Party.

During all terms in the European Parliament (2014 – 2019), priority was given to the topics of technological education, unified digital market, strengthening of new technologies, ensuring the EU internal market, especially so that Lithuanian business and people are not discriminated against in the EU. In the European Parliament, A. Guoga worked as a member of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, and the Legal Affairs Committee as a substitute member.

in 2014 established the A. Guoga support fund; promotes the progress of Lithuania by providing support for technological education, the return of Lithuanian values ​​to Lithuania, investment education, and other initiatives.

in 2015 the famous European publication POLITICO chose him in the list of the most influential 28 EU politicians and public figures, in 2016. – to the list of the 40 most influential MEPs. in 2017 became the only MEP included in the TOP 200 list of the world’s most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

in 2015 A. Guoga was awarded the honorary doctorate degree of the Lithuanian Sports University for his work as vice president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation and the Lithuanian Rowing Federation, sports patronage, for intensive cooperation projects with LSU, support for studies and sports.

in 2015 elected Honorary member of the Scientific Society of Students “Kriterijus” of the Law Faculty of Kazimierz Simonavičius University.

Since 2015 A. Guoga became a member of the Kaunas School of Information Technologies. Since then: the number of students applying has increased by 25 percent; the CISCO Academy was opened, graduates receive a certificate recognized by CISCO together with the diploma; the Red Hat Academy, the first in Eastern Europe, was established and exists; and other.

Since 2015 organized by #SWITCH! – the largest technology and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic States. The purpose of the event is to inspire young people to believe in their own strength, take action and step firmly into one of the most promising fields in the world in the future – the field of modern technologies. Also present the latest digital market trends in Europe and the world to business and public sector professionals. in 2015 #SWITCH! more than 6,000 youth, public sector representatives, entrepreneurs and IT enthusiasts participated. In the fourth #SWITCH! In 2018, more than 15 thousand participants took part. For four consecutive years of #SWITCH! the events were attended by high-level speakers: Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, MEPs from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, representatives of the Governments of other countries, representatives of Central Banks. Also representatives of global companies Facebook, Nasdaq, Google, Amazon, King, NEM, Mastercard, Dash, Allegro, Uber, Microsoft and many others.

Since 2016 – Associate Professor of Partnership at Vilnius University.

2017 – 2019 served as the president of BC Rytas.

in 2018 At the beginning of 2016, A. Guoga founded the first international blockchain technology center in Europe, “Blockchain Center Vilnius”, which engages in educational activities and connects similar technology centers in Australia and Asia.

Currently, he is also the ambassador of Coder Dojo and E-skills in Lithuania, a member of the Vilnius club.

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